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How does a refrigerator work?

How does the refrigerator, an appliance with an indispensable presence in every home (also at the workplace), produces the cold that allows food to be kept and preserved for a long time? In order to find that out, we’ll have to take a look at the working of the refrigerator in detail.

Working of a refrigerator

In fact, a refrigerator takes heat from a container (the internal compartment that is thermally insulated) that is cold and pours it into the surrounding outdoor environment, characterized by higher temperature. Refrigerating machines are systems in which the evolving fluid called the refrigerant undergoes transformations.

Different types of refrigerant exist for substantial physical properties. In the past, the most common evolving fluid was “Freon”, which was used in the construction of refrigerators since 1970. However, it was banned due to its aggressive properties with respect to atmospheric ozone, and for this reason, supplanted by the less harmful R134a (CH2FCF3).

The thermodynamic cycle

In the refrigerator, the R134a undergoes a cyclical succession of transformations within the different components of the system, so that, once the useful effect is obtained, the refrigerant returns to the initial conditions, thus resulting in the so-called thermodynamic cycle.

A refrigerator is essentially made up of:

1.      A refrigerator is essentially made up of.

2.      A closed environment that needs to be cooled.

3.      A tube in which the refrigerant flows.

4.      A compressor powered by electricity.

5.      A lamination valve applied precisely between condenser and evaporator.

The volumetric compressor, consisting of a piston that slides inside a cylinder compresses the gas. In addition to the temperature, the pressure flowing inside the condenser, a heat exchanger where the tube in which the refrigerant flows is wound on itself to serpentine (coiled set of pipes inside the refrigerator to maximize the heat exchange and to transfer heat to the external environment).

Once the passage inside the condenser has been completed, the fluid, which used to be gas becomes saturated liquid (i.e., without any trace of the vapor phase).

In the liquid phase, the refrigerant flows through the “L” lamination valve, which is simply a narrowing of the duct the liquid flows into. Due to the sudden reduction of the passage section, the pressure at which the liquid is found suddenly drops and the variation induces the evaporation process due to certain physical properties of the refrigerant. 

This transformation, activated downstream of the lamination valve, proceeds and is completed inside the evaporator located inside the refrigerator, i.e., the environment to be cooled. The refrigerant evaporation process involves subtraction of heat inside the refrigerator compartment, which at this point is, therefore, colder than the external environment.

Once the phase transition is complete, the steam, now saturated (i.e., without traces of liquid) passes inside the compressor where it is brought to a higher pressure, this allows the restoration of the initial conditions, thus concluding the cycle thermodynamic.

The refrigerating machine requires a certain amount of electrical energy to operate, the greater the higher the external temperature of the refrigerator. For this reason, paradoxically, the efficiency of the machine is lower in the summer, since the speed with which the refrigerant gives heat to the surrounding environment is less than in winter. This leads to a significant increase in consumption and eventually inflated electricity bills. The simplest way of optimizing consumption is to properly place and store the food in the refrigerator.

How To Increase The Value Of Your House With Just Paint

Do you have a property that you want to sell or that has been sitting for years and now you feel is the right time to bring in some cash? Well, you can get a higher return than you have been thinking with a simple way out – a fresh coat of paint! This will automatically add to the curb appeal and will definitely make your property look newer than it is.

Painting the interiors

A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference to any room and make your house look fresh. If you have a spare room that has been sitting for some time now or an old baby nursery that you now use to just dump all the stuff that you do not need… You should try painting it, switch the color of a room that has been neglected for a while now and you will be amazed by the results. If this sounds like a task and you do not want to put in all the work, you could just paint an accent wall and change the whole look of the room. Put in some new curtains and there you have a room that can be used as an office space, a playing room for the kids or just a nice room that you can sit in whenever you want to sip coffee in silence.

Painting the exteriors

A fresh coat of paint to any room in the house makes a huge difference, however, it is difficult to paint the outside of the house. Painting the outside of the house is a serious investment in terms of money and time. A lot of homeowners put this off until it is problematic or raises an issue. This may result in costing you a bomb if you wait too long to protect your house. 

No doubt, a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of the home is an excellent way to increase the value of your property. If you are planning to list your home on the market, a freshly painted house will seal the deal for you. This way you can very well end up killing two birds with one stone – a win-win for you. Along with adding to the value of your house, you will also save it from the damage which otherwise would have burnt a hole in your pocket. For best results, contact a painting contractor.

How To Take Care Of Your Air Ducts

And should you do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you

Clean air ducts

It is very important to keep your air ducts clean. Clean air ducts help you and your family breathe healthier in your own home. They also keep the indoor air fresh. And, that’s not all – clean air ducts also help reduce the number of germs that might otherwise enter your home and bring sickness with them. As such, getting your air ducts cleaned is something that you cannot afford to leave neglected.

Hiring a professional Vs doing it yourself

So, should you clean your air ducts yourself? Or, should you hire a professional to do it? To be honest, you can do some cleaning yourself – that should not be a problem. But, otherwise, it is recommended to get your air ducts cleaned by a professional air duct cleaning company at least once a year. This is because there is a huge difference between a do-it-yourself job and professional servicing. Professional air duct cleaners have all the experience and expertise to clean out your ventilation system properly and thoroughly. And, they know how to handle more complicated situations as well.

How to do it yourself

Still, there is a lot that you can do on your part between the annual professional air duct cleanings – like:

  1. You can make sure that you keep changing the filters in your air ducts from time to time, as they get dirty

Air filters can get dirty with time as dust and debris deposits on them. When air filters get dirty – it is time to replace them with new, clean ones.

  1. You can ensure that all the vents in your ventilation system have all the right kinds of air filters

Having the proper filters for your vents can mean all the difference in the world. So, make sure that your ventilation system has all the right filters installed to work more efficiently.

  1. You can keep your home clean otherwise by dusting and vacuuming regularly

This is basic cleanliness 101. Just keep your home clean. A clean home means clean air. Dusting and vacuuming regularly will help you get rid of any dust, dirt or debris from your home that might otherwise pass through your ventilation systems.

  1. You can use a humidifier to better regulate the indoor air in your home

(or a dehumidifier depending upon the weather conditions)

  1.  It also helps to take routine notice of the cooling coils of your air conditioning system

Keep the cooling coils clean as they can collect dirt and grease. Also, keep an eye out for any leaks in the cooling coils as well.

  1. You can make sure that all your air ducts are sealed up properly

Ideally, you don’t want any unwanted leakage or exposure in your air ducts. So, make sure that they are properly sealed up.

Can electricians do HVAC work

Electronic Duty

We’ve written about it extensively in other posts, so we won’t spend too much time on it (you can see the rest of our posts for more information). Essentially, electricians install and maintain equipment that brings electricity to industrial centers, commercial places, and residential homes. There are a few different types of electricians, namely: wireman, residential wireman, outside lineman, and telecommunication electrician. They have many responsibilities, including reading blueprints, installing and maintaining wiring, using measuring devices to check how the systems are performing, and using national electrical codes to ensure that buildings are operating safely and efficiently.

HVAC Duties

HVAC is short for “Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning.” HVAC technicians install and maintain equipment that transmits heat, oxygen and cool air through a building. In any building you enter, there are vents and heating systems that you can see, but the building’s infrastructure has plenty of heating and ventilation. HVACs are an important system in residential homes, but also in commercial spaces that are open to the public and industrial centers that produce chemicals and gas.

Verdict: Tie. Both the electrician Tallahassee and the HVAC technology work with systems that are crucial to all types of building.

Why do you need heating and air conditioning services

In most homes, you will find a heating or air conditioning system.

You can maintain these very well but they need to be served from time to time.

It is important that you regularly clean these systems. The air you breathe flows through these systems. If the air drains are dirty, you will end up breathing in unhealthy air that is harmful to you and your family.

You may not have time to serve the machines yourself, but you can hire an agency to do the work. Nowadays you will come across many such companies in the newspaper or on the Internet. Since there are so many agencies to choose from, how do you choose the right company? These tips can help make your job easier:

  • You can start the search by asking a few recommendations from your neighbors. They may use such companies in the past and provide you with some valuable suggestions. Ask your neighbor if they were satisfied with the service.
  • You can find newspapers to name a few. Lots of these companies advertise their own.
  • Don’t just make your decision through simple phone conversations. Try to get down to the store and talk to the agency manager. It is advisable that you choose an agency that has detailed specifications for staff. This is a sign of a good company.
  • Talk to staff and clear your doubts. Ask anything you might want to know
  • Servicing may or may not be done at once while you are at home. Therefore, you need to talk to the manager and schedule a time that works for both of you.
  • Don’t choose the first agency you come into contact with. Get a few rates from different agencies and choose the one that suits your pocket. However, keep in mind that the cheapest agency is not always the best. It is better to do well at a little extra cost.